Tuesday, March 1, 2016


     There was a presentation by representatives from the Cumulus Transit Oriented/ Mixed –Use Project during the General West Adams Neighborhood Council meeting on January 25, 2016. I believe this project will have a significant impact on the local communities in that area.  Parts of the presentations were recorded with my camera. This project did receive approval by the WANC board at this meeting. I did request that the board generate a community impact statement for this project.
  The group made a presentation to the WANC’s Land Use Committee the previous week. I voiced my main concern that Black Americans, will not benefit economically with jobs or business contracts as well as construction contracts in this project. I did ask the Cumulus representative  as well as Kimani Black, the deputy of Los Angeles City Councilman Herb Wesson, what measures are they going to take to make sure Blacks, especially those who lived in the neighborhood, will be properly represented in this project. They did not provide any plans or guarantees. Future meeting will be held on this project at the WANC.
  We were informed at this meeting that Cumulus, has other developments in downtown Los Angeles. I was in the area that they mentioned near the freeway of downtown LA a few months ago for a doctor appointment. I did notice the new housing developments and commercial office spaces in these developments. I noticed also that the doctor’s office that I came to had an all Hispanic staff. As I was walking to my doctor’s office I noticed some other medical offices in the commercial spaces had all Hispanics working in them. After my doctor’s appointment, I walked across the street to a corner market store. There were all Hispanics operating this store. 

For more information about the project, click on the links below:

Friday, January 23, 2015

Is Bill Cosby A Monster?


        I have watched Bill Cosby on television since the sixties when he co-starred on the TV series “I SPY.” I was just a child then. Over the decades he has been on TV shows and movies. He was known for his stand-up comedy also. He was always the face of the wholesome Black American father figure.

       Unfortunately for Bill Cosby, there have been shocking revelations in the media about allegations of sexual assault that have just jumped up in the news. It seems that this pattern of date drugging females has been a regular habit of Cosby for several decades.

His case raises some interesting legal issues that I have been studying in my Tort Law class at community College.  The main issue is the tort of defamation of character. The legal question is, if these women are lying against Bill Cosby, he has a case against them for defamation of character. Although, he has chosen not to file any lawsuits yet that would stop all of these accusations.

     Defamation of character has two forms: Slander: which are statements that are spoken that defames a person’s character and Libel, which are written statements that defame a person’s character. The type of very serious libel that his accusers have gone on record as reporting are: Libel Per Se, which is any writing (including drawings) about a specific category of defamatory statements that is considered to be so serious that an injury to the plaintiff’s reputation may be presumed. The type of slander that these ladies have been recorded as saying is Slander Per Se, which would be triggered if the defendant accuses the plaintiff of committing a crime involving theft or dishonesty, or of having a communicable sexual disease.

Things are a little harder for public figures and big media stars like Bill Cosby with the courts. The “New York Times Rule” held that a public figure will not be entitled to damages unless she/he can present clear and convincing evidence that the statements were made with "actual malice." Actual malice is the defendant’s reckless or intentional statements of a false fact.

Bill Cosby would have an air tight case against these accusers if what they were saying is false! If what they are saying is true, then it is best for Bill Cosby, not to talk about these allegations at all.

   As a marriage and family therapist, I would recommend that Bill Cosby, just stay at home with his wife and have Jell-O Pudding, go to church on Sunday and play golf in the future!

Tuesday, January 20, 2015



George Bushes’ Obama is Steve Cooley’s Jackie Lacey!


Los Angeles County Board of   Supervisors 1/20/2015

The first of a series of presentations to the Los Angeles County Board of Supervisors concerning the need to recall Jackie Lacey was made on January 20, 2015 from The Justice Channel.

Jackie Lacey

A report and commentary was published on the Internet radio show for the Justice Channel two years ago about the Los Angeles County District Attorney’s Office campaign. The report also  included a recording of the candidates’ forum at the Los Angeles office of the SEIU 721 Union Committee On Political Education (COPE) meetings . The current Los Angeles District Attorney, Jackie Lacey, was one of the candidates at this forum. I was able to ask some questions of these candidates. Their responses were not adequate as far as I was concerned because they had no substantive solutions for lack of law enforcement protections for the American Negro in Los Angeles County. 
Steve Cooley
I felt that Jackie Lacey was only going to follow the legacy of the former Los Angeles District Attorney Steve Cooley, who proved to be very racist against Black Americans in his support of police crimes against American Negroes in Los Angeles. His support for crimes committed by the police includes his refusal to prosecute the Hispanic LAPD officer that killed Devine Brown and  changing the venue of the Oscar Grant case to Los Angeles, California specifically for Cooley to get one of his criminal judge cohorts to issue a lighter sentence for the dirty cop that killed Grant.
In 2014 it appears that Jackie Lacey, is following the racist legacy of Steve Cooley. She still has not tried to file any charges against LA County Sheriff’s  Deputies. Furthermore, she has done nothing for the murder of Ezell Ford by LAPD, even though the lawyer for the Ford family Attorney Fred Sayre, has witness testimonies that refute the account of the LAPD officers  who killed Ezell Ford. There is enough evidence to file criminal charges against these officers. Jackie Lacey, has also done nothing so far about Marlene Pinnock, who was the woman in the California highway patrol beating case. All of these were very high profile cases.

Clarence Thomas
Some of the biggest “sell-out” Negroes are the ones who work in our courts, practice law and sitting judges. They know the law and just like the supreme judicial “House Nigga”, Clarence Thomas, refuses to enforce the law for the American Negro. They will not even speak out against the atrocities that are being perpetrated against the American Negro in the U.S. Judicial System as well as all law enforcement agencies. Obama is another prime example of this type of “Sambo” judicial “House Nigga” politician!
Jackie Lacey seems to be no exception. I have had some personal experiences with the racist corruption from the Los Angeles District Attorney’s office recently. A report was filed with the Los Angeles District Attorney’s Office Bureau of Fraud & Corruption Prosecutions Real Estate Section concerning thefts and fraud that was involved with an elder abuse case of an elderly woman for millions of dollars. The first actions taken by a Hispanic Deputy DA over real estate fraud, Deputy DA David R. Lopez, was to deny that any crimes have taken place and refusal to enforce any laws. This is the typical attitude by the Los Angeles DA’s office when it comes to crimes involving Black Americans in Los Angeles County.  
Several months ago Jackie Lacey, was in the news because some criminals had tried to take advantage of her elderly mother. They took immediate actions against these criminals for their crimes under elder abuse laws. The amount of money that was stolen was much less than the crimes that I have been reporting to the DA’s office in the elder abuse case that I am involved in with my mother. 
On October 28th 2014, I approached Jackie Lacey at the Los Angeles County Board of Supervisors meeting to ask for her assistance with the elder abuse of my mother. She put me in contact with her assistant. My report was referred to another Deputy District Attorney, Karol E. Carleton, who only refused to take any actions and made it quite clear that she was more concerned with the reputation of the Hispanic Deputy DA, David Lopez. I is very obvious that this Hispanic DA gave me false interpretations of criminal laws, which is misconduct and legal malpractice, than securing justice for a Black American family!
This is the attitude of all law enforcement in the county of Los Angeles when it comes to the American Negro. They are all committed to provide “no protection under the law” for Black Americans. Yet they will kill a “Nigger” if he resists a false arrest or they will frame up a “Nigger” if he continues to complain about police, judicial and law enforcement crimes! This is a form of subversion and is designed to run the American Negro out of his own country so they can be replaced by more illegal immigrants. 
 It seems that my predictions of Jackie Lacey, are accurate. The best actions for American Negroes at this time is to work on a recall of Jackie Lacey, demand that criminal charges be filed against her and others in the DA’s department. We need to make sure that another “House Negro” does not take her place as well as other reforms of our judicial system, law enforcement and the creation of a "transparent" corruption free election system. 
Link to Blog Talk Radio Show

This report was submitted by Mr. Joshua who is an investigative journalist for The Justice Channel.

Tuesday, September 2, 2014

NSA: There’s A Spy In My Soup!

This is another interesting article from the TJC foreign correspondent Janet C. Phelan

Okay, we now know that our phone calls are being monitored. Snowden has made it clear that none of our electronically conveyed communications are secure from NSA snooping. But to find that they are now listening to our potato chips?

As revealed recently in an article in MIT News,  technology has been developed which would allow our relentlessly nosy government to pick up voice prints from a bag of potato chips, a glass of water, a window or potted plant.

This is how it works:

 The tiny vibration of objects as a result of a nearby conversation can now be picked up by a camera and the conversation reconstructed, due to an algorithm developed by researchers at MIT, Microsoft and Adobe.  In a statement by the first author of the MIT paper, Abe Davis wrote: “When sound hits an object, it causes the object to vibrate. The motion of this vibration creates a very subtle visual signal that’s usually invisible to the naked eye. People didn't realize that this information was there.”

Armed with the perception that the US government has developed other intrusive technologies, I conducted a search for prevailing spyware. We already know that our buttons can be replaced with microphones,  that our passports are chipped and can GPS us at any given latitude,   that our smart phones can, in concert with google maps, betray our movements down to a precise address.  We know that there is technology under development which may one day lay bare even our most secret thoughts

But spying on potato chips?

A search for NSA patents reveals a wide spread of mechanisms to track, locate, amplify and analyze our most microscopic of behaviors. We should therefore not be surprised to learn that back in 1982, the NSA sought to patent a method for secure voice conferencing. That’s right—the NSA has secured their conference calls from outside intruders and hacks, while ours, we find, are wide open.

At a time when many are concerned that their offices or homes might be bugged, we might note that the NSA developed a proprietary method to locate a transmitter

Hey, bro! Wanna share? No?….well, I thought maybe not…
And while we mere mortals must content ourselves with shredding our documents in hope of maintaining security, we should know that the NSA has gone a step further and patented a shredder residue dispersion system.

A reusable tamper evident envelope would be useful for those who resort to snail mail as a non-electronically surveilled means of communication, which is returning to favor by those wishing to escape the 20/20 vision of Big Brother. Unfortunately, this has been patented by the NSA and is—once again—not on the market for the plebes.

A self-authenticating cryptographic apparatus might come in handy for those trying to communicate in a personal, private manner. You remember—that archaic old Fourth Amendment which promised us security in our papers? If it is any consolation, Big Brother Loves You, and his peculiarly insistent nosiness is entirely benign. Right, Winston Smith

This is just the outer layer of the NSA patents, however. The patents reveal a level of voodoo science which is admittedly beyond the ken of this reporter. Methods for turning walls into mirrors,  a space integrating ambiguity processor, measure of ramen gain spectrum in optical fiber, a method of measuring gain of photonic inverters, a biomimetic voice identifier and an infinite impulse response resonator digital filter left me scratching my head, baffled.

But I found one patent that completely lifted my spirits. Should one be worried that the NSA is only trying to peer into your private life, it should come as a relief to know that the NSA also patented an integrated child seat for a vehicle. At a time when paranoia about NSA spying has become a common malaise, it is good to know that they are actually doing some useful and helpful research.

I didn't check to see if there was a microphone implanted in the seat, however….

Janet C. Phelan, investigative journalist and human rights defender that has traveled pretty extensively over the Asian region, an author of a tell-all book EXILE, exclusively for the online magazine “New Eastern Outlook”.

Sunday, December 22, 2013


 Discover Current Events Internet Radio from The Justice Channel with Ernest Moore on     BlogTalkRadio

In the city of Los Angeles, illegal aliens are demanding to end all deportations because it breaks up their families.  The Los Angeles City Council has passed a resolution to demand that president Obama stop all deportations. 

Yet there is no mention at all of the American families that have been destroyed because an illegal alien has killed a member of their family.  

I recorded part of the presentations and speeches during the City Council meeting on this agenda item. I have posted a link to the audio in this article below.
Audio of the Los Angeles City Council Resolution to stop all deportations

I will post the video of this council meeting to this article after some editing. 

This is a video that I have published to the TJC YouTube channel about "The Day of Remembrance", that took place last October 2013 in Los Angeles, California for some of the families that have been torn apart by illegal aliens that have killed a family member. I hope to develop this project into a full documentary in the future. This is a low resolution format for evaluation of the video that I am producing. The ladies in this video give a detailed description of what happened to their loved one and how the illegal aliens that were responsible were not deported. These are just a few of the victims that gave there testimony that day. 

The push for immigration anarchy in the city of Los Angeles continues by our local government. I believe that it was started by the Bush administration and is designed to destroy this country! Foreigners that have come into this country legally and illegally are getting preferential treatment from our local and federal government. Especially the illegal alien Hispanics, who are allowed to get jobs in the public and private sectors and discriminate against American citizens in employment. They can get jobs in the police forces and even dominate LAPD and the Sheriff's department. Hispanics have taken over entire cities like the city of Bell.

There are illegal alien Hispanic gangs that are killing the innocent youth of Black Americans to force them out of their own country. This is well know by all law enforcement and the District Attorneys in southern California, yet they are not deported.

Friday, November 29, 2013

Elder Law Attorney Sued for Wrongful Death of His Father

This is another article submitted by our foreign correspondent Janet Phelan. 

We have been following the corruption in the California Probate Courts for years now. 

This is another installment to document the crimes that are handed down with impunity!  Ernest L. Moore

Redlands Probate Attorney J. David Horspool has been sued for the wrongful death of his father, Raymond Horspool, who died under questionable circumstances in 2011.

After putting his father under a conservatorship in 2006, Horspool and sister Margaret Updike proceeded to take a number of actions which alarmed some of their siblings. Raymond was married and living with his wife, Winifred, when conservator Updike had him taken from his home while Winifred was out shopping.

In some states that would be called kidnapping. However, as Raymond was at that juncture a ward of his daughter, Margaret, the court overlooked this breach.

When son William Horspool became concerned that his father was subsequently being neglected, he took some photographs which allegedly showed Raymond Horspool lying in excrement soaked bedding. San Bernardino Probate Judge Michael Welch ordered the photographs destroyed and then issued a Restraining Order against William. In a brazen detour from due process, William Horspool was never granted a hearing on the Restraining order.

The wrongful death lawsuit, filed by Raymond Horspool’s daughter, Barbara Howard, names attorney Horspool, sister Margaret Updike, brother Raymond Horspool, Jr. and Integrated Care Community as defendants. The lawsuit alleges that due to the actions of the defendants, Raymond Horspool suffered malnutrition and starvation. The suit also alleges that J. David Horspool, Margaret Updike and Raymond Horspool, Jr refused to coordinate the replacement of the pacemaker for their father, instead letting it run down.

This reporter has obtained correspondence from cardiologist Dr. Malcolm Pond, dated February 25, 2011, in which he states that he checked the pacemaker in January of 2011 and that it was nearing the end of its charge. He then states that “Margaret has decided for Ray that it is inappropriate to proceed with pacemaker generator replacement...” He further states that “I respect Margaret's decision not to proceed with pacemaker generator replacement, and support this decision.”

The letter concludes with Dr. Pond stating that Barbara Howard and William Horspool have no say in this matter.

Raymond Horspool died shortly thereafter, on March 13, 2011.

The Riverside County Coroner's report concerning Raymond Horspool's demise increases concerns as to the nature and cause of the elderly man's death. Although noting that Raymond Horspool had been on Morphine and Ativan at the time of his death, the coroner refused to do a toxicology exam on the body, overriding the request by Barbara Howard. The potentiating affects of the mixture of these two drugs are known to cause respiratory failure. In addition, patients who are being given Morphine often decline to eat.

Howard maintains that her father's body weighed 137 pounds at time of death, a dramatic loss from his usual weight of around 200 pounds. Strangely, the Coroner failed to list the weight of the body in his report, a departure from generally accepted reporting requirements.

When asked why the report failed to contain mandatory body weight information, the Deputy Coroner became combative.

The battle over Raymond Horspool's assets predate his death. In 2003, prior to the initiation of the conservatorship, Raymond had deeded a piece of property to his son, William. J. David Horspool subsequently persuaded Judge Welch to revoke this grant deed. As a result of this revocation of ownership, William, a retired peace officer, his wife Kelly and three young children were evicted and rendered homeless.

In her objection to the First and Final Report of the Executor, Howard alleges that “It also appears from the court records Ms. Margaret Updike, J. David Horspool and Raymond P. Horspool, Jr. have caused serious and irreparable harm to the Estate of Raymond P. Horspool, Sr. “ Her objections state that “Several beneficiaries have tried without success to obtain the records of the ESTATE and the FAMILY TRUST. None of the following beneficiaries have been able to ascertain exactly what was ESTATE or FAMILY TRUST property. It has been impossible to determine what has happen[ed] to this property.”

Strangely, Raymond Horspool's Will was lost by the law offices of Horspool and Horspool, according to the court record.

Attorney J. David Horspool was for many years the attorney of record for conservator Melodie Scott. Scott has been linked to a number of deaths by morphine.

The wrongful death suit will be heard in Riverside Superior Court. Attorney J. David Horspool did not reply to calls from this reporter concerning the allegations contained in the lawsuit.

Janet Phelan
Elder Law Attorney Sued for Wrongful Death of His Father

Sunday, November 17, 2013

Is The U.S. Supreme Court In Contempt Of Black America?

Chief Justice John Roberts

            The U.S. Supreme court ruled on June 25, 2013 by a Writ of Certiorari to “invalidate” section 4 of the Voter Rights Act (VRA) of 1965. This section provides crucial protections for Black Americans against states that have a long history of promulgating racist obstructions to voting or running for office. Chief Justice John Roberts, delivered the Supreme Court’s opinion in the  SHELBY COUNTY, ALABAMA v. HOLDER, ATTORNEY GENERAL, ET AL, case. As stated in the Supreme Court Syllabus for this case:
 The Voting Rights Act of 1965 was enacted to address entrenched racial discrimination in voting, “an insidious and pervasive evil which had been perpetuated in certain parts of our country through unremitting and ingenious defiance of the Constitution.” South Carolina v. Kat­zenbach, 383 U. S. 301, 309. Section 2 of the Act, which bans any “standard, practice, or procedure” that “results in a denial or abridgement of the right of any citizen . . . to vote on account of race or color,” 42 U. S. C. §1973(a), applies nationwide, is permanent, and is not at issue in this case.

Article II Section 1 of the U.S. Constitution, provides that the judicial Power of the united States , shall be vested in one supreme court. The supreme court has jurisdiction to interpret issues of the U.S. Constitution and statutes that Congress has enacted pursuant to its limited powers under the U.S. Constitution.

One can interpret the current actions of the U.S. Supreme Court by some of the current theories of Jurisprudence. I believe that our present U.S. Supreme court justices are operating under Legal Realism. “The proponents of Legal Realism assert that judges decide cases based on factors other than logic and preexisting rules, such as economic and sociological factors.” 

It is my opinion that their ruling is an example of an Evolutionary Approach to constitutional interpretation in which judges seek to determine the underlying, purpose that the drafters had in mind at the time they wrote the law and the modern-day option that best advances that purpose.

Voting fraud is rampant throughout this country. Even the presidential elections are nothing but a staged TV media show to make it look like we are living in a “free” country. Our leaders are not elected by the U.S. Citizenry but are selected by the 1%. These elections are just staged TV shows to make it look like American citizens are electing these unscrupulous politicians into office. It was very obvious that our last President George Walker Bush, was not duly elected as president in his first term or especially the second term. His “selection” into office was just another hostile take over by the Bush Family Regime and “Right Wing” Republicans. He even got the lone African American Clarence Thomas, Associate Justice, of the U.S. Supreme Court to authorize his election “selection” results that put Bush into office. His election was highly criticized for corruption and for obvious attempts to suppress Black American voter turnout.

The U.S. Supreme court does not have jurisdiction to decide the outcome of elections from the states for the American people. Associate Justice Clarence Thomas did not mention this fact and still has not even tried to do anything about it! This was obvious bias on partisan lines for Republicans by Clarence Thomas. Subsequently, the Supreme Court did nothing to oppose any of the criminal acts by the Bush Administration and has done nothing to end the voter fraud and voter manipulations that dominate our electoral process in this country.

As reported by the article published on the RT Website, “The regions covered by the part of the Act that was struck down, Section 4, have, in recent years, been twice as likely as those not covered to have proven violations under other sections of the Act,” wrote The New Yorker’s Amy Davidson.

George Walker Bush, just like his father George H. W. Bush, has conducted a campaign to “dismantle” the Civil Rights advancements that were gained for Black Americans by 1965. I feel that the executive branch of our government is using the Supreme Court in the Judicial Branch of our government to continue their degradation of Civil Rights for Black Americans that is guaranteed by our constitution.

The Supreme Court’s justification of their ruling states in essence, there is no problem because more blacks are voting than back in 1965 and there are more blacks in political office now than back in 1965.This seems to be some kind of “Judicial Propaganda” to me and does not reflect true statistics or reality. I do know that voter turn out in California for Black Americans is at an all time low because there are no viable candidates for Blacks to vote for. They say that there are more Blacks in office now than back in 1964. This is true, but these so-called African Americans in political office have no real substance and will not stand up for Black Americans at all! This can be seen by our current President Barack Obama, who will not even say “Black Americans” when he is running for office, has not mentioned any of the atrocities that have been committed against Black Americans by our judicial system and law enforcement agencies. Obama demonstrated during his campaign that he is committed to do more for Mexico and Mexicans than American citizens. That is why African Americans are worse off now than back in 1913!

The Supreme Court’s opinion also states that voter protections for Black Americans should be based on current conditions than what was prevalent back in 1965. It seems to me that this opinion of the constitution is keeping in the Evolutionary Approach of constitutional interpretational jurisprudence, in that they are trying to take current social issues into consideration as a basis for the  requirement that the federal government “preclear” states or local changes in election rules that could potentially prevent minorities from voting. If this were true, then they should be trying to add more protections for Black Americans for voter rights and to assure that viable Black American candidates run for office that will stand up of the rights of Black African Americans than to just take away all protections.